A South Sound Private Community
A South Sound Private Community
A South Sound Private Community

Bylaws and Governing Documents

Property owners in Beachcrest are members of the Beachcrest Community Association for the purpose to hold, manage, regulate, maintain and improve the property and infrastructure within Beachcrest, including the roads, trails, playground, parks, cabanas and the beach areas including the fronting tidelands.

The authority of the association pertains primarily to community property and infrastructure which is outlined in several documents posted below. The Bylaws describe the basic organization and operation of the Beachcrest Community Association. The Community Rules are specific standards for members and residents alike which have been reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

Covenants: established May 1948

Covenant Modification for Restrictive Language: May 2021

Articles of Incorporation:  June 1976

Bylaws: May 2022

Community Rules: June 2021

Parking Rules: April 2020

Delinquent Dues: May 2011

Budget Finance Committee Charter: March 2021

Marina Policies: April 2020

Tree and Vegetation Management Policy:  July 2011

Reserve Study Exec Summary: Jan 2020

Reserve Study: Jan 2020

Beachcrest Community Association
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