Beach Guidelines

Updated May 2015

The cabana reservation system is provided as a courtesy to residents wishing to invite guests to our waterfront area. It is managed by neighborhood volunteers for the benefit of the community, to protect the community property and help provide an enjoyable experience for members and guests.

Reservations are provided from June through September. Online reservations may be made anytime following the annual association member meeting the first Wednesday in May.

Scheduling Reservations

Reservations are for scheduling purposes, to help avoid conflicts for planned events. Since the beach and cabana areas are community property, groups are encouraged to leave at least one table available so other residents are able to use it if desired.

Please make cabana request at least 10 days in advance of requested date/time.

Confirmed reservations will be posted online at in the Residents section.

To allow equal access, only one weekend reservation will be accepted at a time. When that gathering is completed, another reservation may then be requested.  The weekend is defined as Friday through Sunday.

Weekday reservations Monday-Thursday can also be made, limited to no more than one-weekday reservation at a time.

Gatherings are limited to 50 persons unless approved by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of security.

To allow multiple groups to use the cabanas on a weekend, we suggest your request not exceed 5 hours.

Default reservation times are 10 am-3 pm and  4 pm -9 pm

To accommodate quiet time rules, please plan for group events to finish and cleaned up by 10 p.m.

Make this a family-friendly place.

Host resident assumes responsibility for the conduct of their guests.

Host resident must be present with guests during the gathering. If a resident or other designated adult resident is not present, the group may be requested to leave immediately by security volunteers or the Sheriff.

Host resident will be responsible to assure all trash and recyclables are packed out of the beach area and the area utilized is restored. The host may be responsible for any damages resulting from their use of the facilities.

Public intoxication by alcohol or drugs or other behavior that is disruptive to the family-friendly expectations of Beachcrest residents may warrant a response from the Sheriff.

Gate Access Codes

Host resident can request a temporary gate code to share with guests to have vehicle access to the beach road on a designated day.

For security reasons, host resident agrees not to post the provided code at the gate, online, or any other public place.

A reservation or gate code request may be declined under the following circumstances

  • A requested location, date and time are already reserved.
  • A request is made less than 10 days prior to event date.
  • An owner/resident has previously misused beachfront community property.
  • The property owner is past due on their association dues.

Residents that need to cancel an already confirmed event should call. (360) 350-3610